Pressuring monitoring

압력 모니터링

In order for processes to be gentle on the product and energy efficient the wort can also be boiled under pressure at lower temperatures. This means a pressure transmitter which is suitable for increased medium temperatures is required for monitoring the pressure.

Process data
Overpressure 0.2 to 0.3 bar
Temperature approx. 100 °C

Recommended solution for pressure monitoring

High pressure for gentle wort boiling

Our solution for pressure monitoring

Just like in a pressure cooker, in the wort boiler the hops are treated gently at high pressure and lower temperatures. This means the intended aromas can be produced. Here the required pressure is controlled by the JUMO dTRANS p31 pressure transmitter as this can be used with increased medium temperatures. The JUMO DICON touch takes over control of the pressure and temperature.


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